Basement Waterproofing Services

For wet or cracked walls in your basement, we offer interior and exterior basement waterproofing options.  These include interior drain systems, exterior waterproofing membrane, and basement / crawl space sump pumps. The exterior waterproofing membrane is a multi-layered waterproofing material that is applied to the exterior of the foundation wall once the crack or hole has been filled. A french drain system is installed along the footer to divert the excess water coming up against the house.

Exterior Waterproofing Membrane with French Drain

While an interior drainage system does not prevent water from intruding through your foundation, it is effective in collecting and diverting rain water out of your basement in the event of an intrusion. This is accomplished by installing waterproof paneling along the basement walls. The paneling then directs the water to the french drain system installed along the perimeter of the basement. The french drain system directs the water to a basin. Finally, a sump pump is used to pump the water from the basin to the exterior of the home, discharging it into a safe location. This is a popular, and often times efficient, basement waterproofing services. 


Interior Drainage System: French Drain & Sump Pump

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