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Can Mold Cause Structural Damage To Your House?

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Hundreds of different types of mold occur in various places and can cause damage to structures if they are not controlled. The most dangerous ones are those that latch on fabrics, paper, wood, cardboard, and other structures when there is a lot of moisture. In addition to that, these fungal plants thrive in areas that have little to no light, and therefore, houses that have such conditions are always prone to destruction. You may not notice the amount of threat that they pose when they start occurring, but after some time, you will see the need to get rid of them fast.

What Brings About Mold

Now that we know that these micro plants thrive in moisture and lack of light, it is important to focus on conditions that lead to it. First, if you have ever experienced flooding and you did not properly clear the damages, you are prone to these attacks. Mold will thrive on the water that gets to dark corners and does not get cleaned out properly. In addition to that, if your wooden floor absorbs a lot of water and you fail to dry it completely, you can be sure of these plants. The best solution is always to get a restoration contractor to clear the mess.

How It Causes Structural Damage

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing mold is that it grows in secret places. By the time you notice it, it probably has eaten away most of your structures. For instance, wooden floors could rot from under because of these occurrences. In addition to that, your window seals, cupboards, furniture, and many other items will be destroyed. It is important to carry out regular inspections of the house to make sure that nothing is developing beyond what your eyes can see. It can be easy when you have a reliable contractor doing it.

How To Repair The Damage

You do not only need to repair a house that has been damaged by mold but to proof it against future damages too. You will notice that the areas that are mostly attacked are those that are dark. Therefore, you may want to start by creating openings that will allow sunshine to reach these areas. After that, check your plumbing system to make sure that there are no leakages, especially inside the walls. When pipes leak inside walls, they make them dump, and that is how mold grows. You may also want to call a contractor to proof the entire house from the mold.

Most people think that cleaning or repairing the damages caused by mold is a light task. That is the reason they do not bother to check the effectiveness of their actions. However, the truth is that getting rid of these tiny plants is not an easy task, and it requires an expert to do it thoroughly.

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