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Do You Have Water Damage In Your Bathroom?

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For many of us, the bathroom is the one place we can relax in at the end of the day. Run a steaming hot bath and let the worries of the day wash themselves away. To this end, many households have invested in making their bathrooms places of calm and relaxation, creating the perfect atmosphere for peaceful contemplation. However, this can be shattered if water damage has the chance to occur in your bathroom. When that happens, equipment may have to be dismantled and the walls and floors replaced. If you suspect that water damage has occurred in your bathroom, read on to find out some of the warning signs.

Musky Smell

One red flag of water damage is a persistent damp smell that does not go away even after the bathroom is completely dry. When that’s the case, chances are moisture is building up somewhere that’s not clearly visible, such as behind the walls. Locating the source of the smell and identifying the problem, such as a hidden leak, is the only way to resolve this problem before it gets worse.

Soft and Spongy Walls and Floors

Do your walls feel soft or slightly wet to the touch? Have there been any bumps or uneven surfaces that recently appeared? If so, this is a sure sign of water damage behind the walls. Some people may ignore the warning signs as they do not seem like much at first, but this is the best time to capture the problem, when it is in the early stages. Additionally, if you feel that there’s some movement in the floor tiles as you move about the bathroom, there could be persistent moisture below the floor. Such a problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible or you risk the floor becoming gradually softer, spongier and more unstable.

Mold Stains

If mold is growing on the walls or ceiling of your bathroom, that is a sure sign that water damage has moved past the beginning stages. As mold grows from the inside out, once it becomes visible, it is usually too late for preventative measures. The mold will not go away even with a thorough cleaning and poses far more than an aesthetical problem. This is when you will want to call in a water damage restoration professional to get your bathroom back to normal.

Hire Water Damage Restoration Professionals from Provision

Whether you suspect or know for sure that water damage has occurred in your bathroom, do not hesitate to contact a water damage restoration professional immediately. Allowing the problem to persist can result in further damage, which will cost more in repairing and replacement down the road. Our skilled technicians at Provision have the necessary expertise, equipment and experience to eradicate any water damage problem at its root and prevent the same from occurring again.

If you require water damage restoration services, feel free to contact us at Provision today. Alternatively, you can call us at 678-383-0889.

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