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When water damage has occurred, you should proceed to do proper water extraction and water damage restoration immediately. One of the worst mistakes to make when there is water damage is to react to the problem slowly. Read on to find out what the process of water extraction is like!

Turn Off the Water Source

The first thing you should do before you begin your water extraction process is to search for the source of water and turn it off. After you have successfully shut down the source of water, you should look around and assess the situation, including other damage caused within your home, or if there may be safety issues like asbestos.

Protect Yourself Against Health Issues

Sometimes, standing water can cause health problems. For example, water from floods or from burst pipes can be very dirty, containing lots of bacteria and viruses. Such water can be detrimental to the health, causing serious health problems in the long run. Your best bet would be to engage professionals who can help to salvage and retrieve your possessions. Professionals have the expert knowledge to assess the situation quickly and quickly get your items.

Get Rid of All Standing Water

The first step in cleaning up is extracting the water. Usually, professionals do this with safety gear and specialized equipment. This includes truck-mounted vacuums, submersible pumps and other tools and equipment that are necessary. After extracting the water properly, majority of the standing water will be removed, which helps prevent the spread of water damage or mold growth from occurring.

Dry the Affected Area

After water extraction has been done, professionals will focus on drying out your walls, floors and furniture completely. This is a critical step to prevent mold, warping, swelling and other issues that may become big problems in the future. When you engage professionals, they are able to help by using industrial-strength fans and dehumidifiers, which helps to reduce the moisture present in your carpet and furniture, thus drying your home further. Professionals also have access to tools that can find out the moisture levels in walls, floors and other areas.

Start with Cleanup

Once you have dried everything, you should prepare to start cleaning. After a flood, there could be a lot of residual dirt and mud in your home. In order to restore it to its pre-flood state, you will need to get started on the clean-up soon after your home has completely dried.

Get Rid of Any Odors Present

If there is a musty smell or odor in the air, you can make use of a portable filtration system to get rid of these unpleasant odors that may remain after water extraction. This will help eliminate the smells and bring your house back to its optimal state as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for professional help with water extraction or water damage restoration, look no further than Provision. Our team of experts has access to specialized tools and equipment to help restore your home and dry it out, so as to prevent further damage. Feel free to contact us to find out more today!

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