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How to Prevent Water Damage

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If you do not want to come home to a plumbing catastrophe, it is important to turn off the main water valve before leaving the property for an extended period of time. In addition, homeowners can also switch to frost-proof outdoor faucets and stainless-steel no-burst hoses for certain appliances and toilets.

It is essential to know how to prevent water damage to maximize the lifespan of your homes. This can save you a lot of money and a lot of stress in the long run. However, in the case that your house has already suffered from water damage, it is important to utilize professional water damage restoration services. In this post, we talk about how to prevent water damage and what you should do after water damage.

Fix Any Water Leaks You See

Persistent leaks can lead to nasty things like mildew, mold and insects who thrive in these environments, such as termites and carpenter ants. The longer things stay wet, the more likely you will have permanent damage. Delays can also allow mold spores to spread within the walls, which can cost thousands of dollars to eradicate. That is why it is important clean up the mess without delay.

If you fix a leak immediately upon discovering it, it lowers your chances of having to deal with these things. A big plumbing leak may mean gallons of water are dumped into your home per minute. In such a case, the first thing to do is to shut off the main water valve. Then, turn on the lowest faucet and drain the water that may still be held in pipes above the leak. By draining it through this faucet, it prevents water from leaking out through the damaged pipe.

Check the Cracks in Your Space

One of the most basic things to do to prevent water damage in your house is to start by examining the foundation of it. As time goes by, wear and tear occur, and small cracks may develop on the foundation of your space. Water may seep in from these cracks and over time, the cracks may widen and allow more water to seep in. With a moist environment, mold may begin to form near these cracks. Fortunately, it is not difficult to handle such a problem with some mortar and/or masonry caulk. You can regularly examine your home and fill up any cracks visible to you. You can then continue to keep a close eye on your foundation. If the cracking problem persists and water continues to seep in, your best bet would be calling for professional help.

Seek Professional Help

Of course, if you have already started to notice signs that signal your house may suffer from water damage, or is already damaged by water, it is important to seek the help of experts. Certified experts can help with mold removal and water damage restoration. When damage has already occurred, you should rely on the help of professionals who have the expertise and skillset in the water damage field, and not attempt remediation until a specialist gets there.

If you are looking for experts to help you with water damage in your home, feel free to call Provision at 678-383-0889 or drop us a message today.

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