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How To Respond To A Water Damage Emergency In Your Home

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Water disasters can be dangerous, frustration, and stressful enough whether it is caused by a natural disaster, leaking pipe or a broken appliance. When dealing with a water damage emergency, it is important to be proactive in preparing for such situations rather than be reactive because the damages from a water disaster increases exponentially over time. Here is a list of items that can help prepare you should you experience such a situation:

Know Where Your Circuit Breaker Is

If your circuit breaker is in a dry area, shut off the electricity immediately before entering the house or the water. If not, contact a professional electrician to assist, it is highly unrecommended to take matters into your own hands as it puts you at risk of electrocution.

Finding the Source of the Leak

In situations that do not require you to evacuate, try to find and contain the leak or water source while waiting for a professional to arrive. Once you have identified the problem, try to apply some temporary measures (such as using plumbing tape) to prevent the leak from getting worse.

In the event the source is a burst pipe or your hot water tank leaking, knowing where the valves are can help you quickly shut off the water source to help stop further water damages.

If you come across any dank odors or stains on your walls or ceilings, it may also be an indicator that there is mold growth in your home. Always use gloves and mask to prevent breathing in the mold if you found the source as it can be dangerous to inhale it, and engage a specialist to eliminate mold.

Filing Insurance Claims

Inform your insurance company once the above two steps have been taken care of to begin your claims process. Find out what is required of the claims process, be prepared to take photos of the damages, and keep a record of the expenses (including receipts) of the restorations and repairs.

Prepare to Dry, Clean, and Disinfect

If you have managed to complete the steps above, survey the damages and look for smaller cleaning tasks which your household can manage. Begin to segregate item into what can or cannot be used but pay extra caution to car batteries as they may still give off an electrical charge. Pick out smaller or important items such as paper certificates, valuables, books that may have been soaked in the water and start drying them.

Always remember to disinfect your hands afterwards and do not allow your children to play in it as floodwater can be contaminated by chemical substances.

Restoration of Larger Items

Depending on the extent of the water damage, it could affect larger items or entire areas of your home. For such cases, it would be advisable to seek assistance from water damage restoration professionals equipped with the expertise and tools required to restore and minimize damage to your home.

If you find yourself in need of a professional water damage restoration service provider, feel free to reach to us at Provision at 678-383-0889 today.

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