Why You Need To Control Excessive Moisture In Your Home

Updated: Feb 8

Black mold has been shown to be extremely harmful to our bodies because it causes many long-term health problems when we are exposed to it. It is known that mold cultures prefer areas that are moist because it is conducive for their growth. As such, it is important to control excessive moisture in your home. This article will teach you how to reduce such moisture and prevent any potential problems that it might cause, such as mold and mildew growth. Here at Provision, we provide affordable and trustworthy mold removal and water damage restoration services that are the best in the country.

Indoor Humidity

Science tells us that when moisture from warm water vapor comes into contact with a cooler surface, it can condense into water droplets when. Everyday activities like cooking, taking a bath, drying our clothes can contribute to the moisture that is in the air in our homes. Additionally, heating appliances can also increase temperatures and moisture when they are in use. When the temperature drops in the winter season, surfaces such as windows and walls that do not have the proper insulation can be cooled and result in water droplets being formed on them. These droplets can then run down the surfaces and cause them to rot and promote the growth of toxic mold that will be bad for our health.

How to Control the Moisture

It is important to note that the moment you see moisture accumulating in your home, you make the intentional effort to dry the affected area with a sense of urgency. You have to deal with the source of the problem. The factors that you have to look out for are reducing the number of cool surfaces, and of course decreasing the humidity levels in your home.

A good way to minimize the number of cool surfaces is to install storm doors in your home. This is useful because you will be able to separate the interior of your home from the cold air outdoors. Furthermore, installing such fixtures in your home can help you to save on utility bills because your heater will not have such a hard time to obtain the desired temperature.

Additionally, the heating and cooling system in your home can contribute to moisture control. Gas and electric furnaces for example can help to reduce the humidity levels in your home by blasting dry heat. Air conditioners also help to lower moisture levels.

Some simple ways which you can reduce the moisture in your home include

  • Putting a lid on your pots and pans when cooking

  • Regular airing of your rooms by opening the doors to allow ventilation

  • Covering any aquariums you might have to prevent rapid evaporation

If you still cannot fix the humidity problem in your home, you can choose to purchase a dehumidifier. As the name suggests, it can help to remove moisture in the air and prevent humidity levels from becoming too high. They can be installed in bathrooms, basements, and any space that does not have proper ventilation.

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