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From natural disasters to plumbing leaks, water damage can cause several problems for a homeowner. It is essential to perform water extraction to prevent further damage and permanent loss to your home. With the help of water damage restoration professionals, you can begin the proper water extraction process in no time.

Identify the Source of Water

Identifying where the water is coming from and shutting it down immediately is the first step in water extraction. Restoration companies will assess the situation in your home and take note of all the damages and safety hazards before proceeding to continue with the process.

Removal of Standing Water

The longer the water is left standing in your property, the more damage it can do to your home. Extracting the remaining standing water is the next crucial step in water extraction. It can help stop the growth of mold and bacteria within your home. Expert water removers will be equipped with safety gear and specialized equipment such as vacuums, submersible pumps, and other apparatus to assist them in the extraction of standing water.

Salvage Possessions

Stagnant water in your home can cause the growth of bacteria and mold. It is recommended to seek professional help to salvage your important possessions as standing water within your home can cause various health issues. Often, companies offer restoration services for your damaged items as well.


After the water is removed, the next step in water extraction is to dry out the entire compound. By ensuring that your walls, floors, and all furniture are completely dried, it will prevent the surrounding foundation from warping and further damage. Industrial fans and dehumidifiers will be used during the drying process to ensure that restoration efforts can be done afterwards. After going through a drying process, it will allow you to reduce your cost significantly during an interior restoration.

Deep Cleaning

Once your home is completely free of water, the next step is to implement deep cleaning throughout the house. Remove all items and furniture within your home to start the cleaning process. Ensure that all corners and hard to reach areas are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any signs of mold or bacteria growth. You can engage professionals to perform mold removal well.

Remove Lingering Odors

Even after going through extensive water extraction and cleaning processes, you might still find lingering odors within your home. You can seek assistance from cleaning companies where industrial-grade cleaning agents will be used to remove the lingering stench. Proper sanitation and disinfection will be done according to your requirements.

At Provision, we specialize in several water damage restoration processes such as:

  • Extraction of excess and standing water

  • Drying process of interior

  • Cleaning and sanitizing in water damaged areas

Regardless of where the water came from, it is essential to seek immediate help with the restoration process. If no action is taken immediately and the situation is delayed, it might cause irreversible damage and result in total property loss. If the damage is extensive, it will require more work and labor, which will result in having high restoration costs. Having proper water extraction can return your home to its original condition within the desired time as well as save you significant costs in restoration.

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