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Should You Paint Over Mold?

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When you notice mold on your bathroom or kitchen walls, the first thing to come to your mind may be to get a can of paint and apply over it. Of course, it will conceal the ugly marks so that nobody even notices that they were there. However, there are better solutions than painting. When you paint over mold, you only hide the problem, but it does not go away. That is the reason experts often advise homeowners to think about other ways to get mold off their walls. The reason painting is completely pointless is the fact that it can harm your health, lead to legal problems, and make you lose lots of money.

Why Painting Won’t Fix Mold Issues

As it turns out, painting only serves as a short-term solution to these problems. The only thing you are doing is to hide the marks, but not getting rid of mold. The worst part is that it will continue to grow underneath the coats of paint, no matter how many you apply. Before you notice, your walls will be destroyed while you think that they are safe. With such a significant threat to your building, you should consider removing all the mold and proofing the house before you think about getting that can of paint. You can try disinfectants and preventative cleaning.

The Legal Trouble and Increased Expenses

Since you are only hiding the mold, you are likely to get into legal trouble when you want to sell or rent the house. Anyone that rents out an apartment without solving the mold problem is guilty, and this could make you pay hefty fines. In addition to that, the fact that mold keeps growing under the paint means that it will show up one day or another. The biggest problem is that by the time it grows through the layers of paint, the damage will be much bigger than it was when you chose to paint. At this point, you will have to spend huge amounts of money on removing it and repairing the building.

The Truth about Mold-Proof Paint

Another mistake that homeowners make it to use mold-proof paint with the hope that it will kill the micro plants. On the contrary, this paint s meant to proof the house from future mold invasion. However, if the problem is already there, there is nothing much that this paint can do. Therefore, you should think about removing all the mold before applying this type of paint so that there will be no risk of future invasion.

Solving the mold problem requires you to address the cause. For example, if it was because of water damage, you should find the right water damage restoration services before you think about proofing the house. It involves removal, cleaning up, drying, and repairs. You can contact Provision today for the best mold remediation and abatement to ensure that your house does not lose its value because of such a problem.

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