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Signs Indicating That You Have Water Damage At Home

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Early detection is one of the best ways to combat the negative effects of water damage. If left long enough water damage to your house can be detrimental to the property structure and potentially lead to a drop in the value of your home due to its history of water damage.

At the same time, other problems which may arise due to water damage could also pose as a health threat to you and your family. As a homeowner if you are not too sure how you can spot the signs, read on to find out more!

Visible Discoloration

Although it is usually visible on your ceilings, obvious stains on your walls near the floor or pipes could be a sign of water damage. This is usually darker than the original wall color, commonly seen in dark brown/yellow, orange, or green patches and occurs when minerals and salt are left after the water has evaporated, leaving an unsightly stain.

Strange Odor and Mold Growth

Odor happens when moisture has been left to sit and cultivate, making it an ideal space for mold to grow. This is aided by the presence of water and humidity. If you have water damage somewhere in the house, you may notice a new, strange odor. If it is not removed, the smell which is said to be like that of clothes that have been left in the washing machine too long, will remain.

On top of that, mold growth can be harmful and may lead respiratory health problems, cause irritation to your nose, eyes, throat, and skin (always be sure to wear at least gloves, mask, and goggles during mold removal), trigger asthmatic symptoms, or even cause allergic reactions in some cases.

Visibly Warped Floor

Subfloors that are wet will cause your flooring to warp. How this happens will depend on what type of flooring you have. For instance, your floor may begin to sink, break away and expand, buckle, or rise; causing you to feel as though you are walking on uneven ground.

It would be prudent to assume that there is excess moisture accumulating in your subfloors and seek professional help to detect and treat the matter quickly.

Peeling Walls

Like warped flooring, accumulated moisture behind your walls can cause them to bubble and peel. This is a dangerous sign as it is an indication that your walls are no longer sturdy.

Higher Than Usual Water Bill

If your water bill has been increasing over the past few months, it could also be a sign that you have a leaking pipe or a broken appliance/machine somewhere.

Flooded Basement

If you find yourself with a flooded basement, check the following

  • Is your home is located somewhere prone to flooding?

  • Is it properly equipped to redirect the water away from the base of your home?

  • Are there any noticeable leaks or cracks where water may have seeped in from?

If you require professional water damage restoration services in Georgia, contact Provision at 678-383-0889 now.

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