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Speed Is Key When Dealing With Sudden Flooding

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Flooding can occur within your home when plumbing fixtures crack or break. For example, a toilet tank with cracks, a leaking dishwasher or a loose hose can cause sudden flooding within your home. During the winter, another common problem faced by many households is burst pipes. Regardless of which fixture has caused the flooding, it is important to act fast and engage a professional in order to minimize the damage. Read on to find out what you should do when you find out that your house is flooded.

Shift Your Furniture Away from the Water

When flooding occurs, carry your furniture to a dry space in order to prevent them from getting wet. If there is furniture too heavy to be moved or rooted into the ground, cover the legs of the furniture with aluminum foil. Clip up the skirts of the furniture so that the color of the furniture does not run and stain the floor. If any cushions or furniture have gotten wet, leave them outside under the sun so that they can dry.

Turn Off the Water

Turn off the water in order to prevent further flooding. Turn the valve of the damaged plumbing fixture in a clockwise direction to stop the flow of water. Another alternative is to turn off the main water valve. If you do not know where the valve is located, check your garage, basement, and if you do not know where the valve is located, check your garage or basement. Valves are usually located in these areas. However, if the valve cannot be found, it is likely in an underground box.

Shut Off the Electricity

Electricity and water are not a good mix. When electricity comes into contact with water, there is a risk of electrocution. Go to the main breaker panel in your home and flip the switches of the circuit breakers that directly provide electricity to the flooded portions of your house. If you notice that the ground where the breaker panel is has gotten wet, remember to stand on a dry plank before you touch the panel.

Record the Damage

If there is extensive damage to your home, you may want to get compensation from your insurance company in order to pay for the damage caused. Record down items that are damaged, when you purchased them and how much they cost. You should also take pictures as you do your cleanup. These pictures will act as proof when you file for your insurance claims.

Engage a Professional to Help with Cleanup

When you face sudden flooding, it is best to engage a professional to help with cleanup so as to prevent any further problems. Mold can start growing in your home within 1-2 days of the flood, so it is important to start your cleanup as soon as possible and restore your home from water damage.

Provision Can Help with Water Extraction

If you are unsure what to do when you experience sudden flooding, your first course of action should be to call a professional to help with water extraction and drying out your home. Our team of professionals at Provision has the knowledge, experience and equipment to help you extract water and deal with water damage caused in your home. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our water extraction services today.

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