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Telling The Difference Between Old And New Water Damage

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Here’s a question… What is the most common form of property damage? Answer: Water damage. But why is this? One explanation is that it can happen for any number of reasons. Water damage can easily happen by natural events like flooding and rainstorms. However, excess water can also be allowed into your commercial or residential property through internal issues such as sewage backups and burst pipes. In the process, a lot of damage can be caused.

Sometimes, the concealment of water damage is possible. So, immediately, you may not notice it. When you do discover it, you may wonder how long ago it happened. Is there that big of a difference between old and new water damage?

Damage from water that goes unaddressed, as time passes, will cause more harm and worsen. So, figuring out if you have old water damage or have experienced fresh damage from water will assist in a couple of ways. First, it will help you analyze the true damage extent. Additionally, it will give you an idea of how quickly you need to restore the damage.

What happens if you’re unsure of whether or not the damage is old or new? To help determine this, we’re going to recommend a few tips.

Look for Growing Mold

If you see mold actively growing, you’ve got a real problem. It has likely been caused by water damage or moisture of some other type. Mold is almost always the result of water damage. Why? Because the ideal conditions are created for growing mold spores. Soon, colonies will form. All mold needs in order to grow is a food source and moisture.

Both the structural integrity of a building and the health of those within can be threatened if mold gets bad enough.

Try to Locate Water Rings

Ring stains are a dead giveaway that water damage has occurred. They are exactly what they sound like – discoloration and staining in the of shape rings. When they have been harmed by water, drywall and other soft materials will develop these. Where damage from water occurs intermittently, this is a common case.

The Touch Test

When you find a spot that is water damaged, feel it. Because you need to do this without gloves, be sure to wash your hands immediately following the “touch test”. This will help you figure out if the stain has been there for a while or if recent harm occurred. The spot will be wet if it’s fresh water. But the area won’t be soft, it will still be firm.

On the other hand, a mushy, soft spot will be created by old water damage. That’s because moisture has had time to absorb into the material.

What To Do If You Have Water Damage

Contact the experts to deal with water damage, water, and mold remediation if your house or business building has experienced damage from water. At Provision, we supply technicians who are educated and experienced professionals in water damage repair and all related procedures. They use appropriate disinfection methods and proper biohazard techniques.

If you have a structure that has been damaged by water, don’t wait for mold and mildew problems to pose severe health threats. Get help today. Click here to contact Provision.

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