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Understanding The Different Categories Of Water Damage

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Do you recall playing in roadside ditches and rain water drains in the past when you were much younger? However, although you had lots of fun, you may not have realized that rainwater runoff you had been playing in is actually very unhygienic, and could have been contaminated with harmful viruses, bacteria, raw sewage and chemicals that may result in illnesses or diseases in the human body. Likewise, dirty water can contaminate your home due to different reasons. This includes a clogged toilet, a leaking roof, a cracked pipe, overflowing washing machines and more. When your home has been contaminated by water, it is important to seek a professional’s help immediately to restore your home from water damage.

The Type of Restoration Depends on the Type of Water Contaminating Your Home

It is important to take action as quickly as possible so that you can reduce the amount of damage caused in your home and prevent further implications. There are three different levels of water that can cause damage.

The first category is clean water. The water damaging your home comes from sanitary and clean sources. For example, an overflowing tub or sink, a spoilt drinking fountain, a cracked water pipe, damaged supplies of water to appliances and even clean rainwater.

The second category is grey water. Grey water is not as sanitary as clean water. This is the type of water that could cause mild illnesses if ingested, and could make one feel unwell. Typically, grey water has bacteria in it and can come from sources like the dish washer, the washing machine, or an overflowing toilet that has been tainted with urine.

The third category is black water, which is also the worst classification of water. If accidentally ingested, it could result in severe illnesses. Black water contains harmful bacteria, viruses and chemicals. This includes water from flooded rivers, sewer backups, an overflowing toilet tainted with feces, and liquid containing a lot of bacteria and viruses that has been stagnant for a long time.

What Can an Expert Do?

Water damage can be pervasive, and can gradually cause permanent damage to valuable objects and furniture in your home. Experts have the relevant knowledge and expertise to handle all kinds of water damage in your home. When an expert arrives at your home, they are able to assess the current situation, and start the restoration process.

Firstly, experts engage in aggressive cleaning. This means that the surfaces of your home and wall cavities are washed thoroughly with a detergent solution on high pressure. Items that are still salvageable are washed and disinfected.

Then, experts continue with moisture detection. Not all water damage can be seen. There may be moisture and water trapped in certain structural cavities that is not visible to the naked eye. In order to detect the moisture and prevent mold growth and odors, specialized equipment is needed.

Experts can also help with rapid drying of your home. Within 1-2 days, mold can start growing in places that are abundant with moisture. As such, a rapid dry out is needed in order to restore your home to its optimal conditions.

Provision Can Help with Water Damage

Experts from Provision are well trained to help you deal with all aspects of water damage. We can help with water extraction, water damage restoration and mold removal. If you require professional help to deal with water damage in your home, feel free to contact us at 678-383-0889 today.

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