As a property owner, you are responsible for its maintenance; both the interior and exterior alike. Hence, putting in place several precautionary measures would be more effective in the long run, especially when considering the costs that may be incurred during emergency repairs. Waterproofing is one of the most important preventive steps a property owner should take to avoid severe water damage down the road.

The causes of water leakage often vary, e.g., rainwater intrusion, as well as inter-floor, internal or external wall, ceiling, and roof issues. Oftentimes, these leaks can be easily identified by damp or water stains on walls and ceilings. Additionally, leakage typically occurs due to heavy rain. It is important to identify, repair, and prevent rainwater intrusion to avoid irreversible damage.

At Provision Construction, we provide a variety of waterproofing services and can repair rainwater leaks at any point of our clients’ properties except for roofing.

What is Waterproofing?

Should cracks form on the roof of the building, the ceiling may leak, and this would in turn cause subsequent problems like the trapping of moisture. This issue may lead to the growth of mold and mildew, as well as damaging other electrical components inside the property. The same situation applies to the different floors of the building, which could leak due to damaged waterproofing. Waterproofing is a protective membrane applied to the exterior side of a foundation or exterior wall to prevent water intrusion.

Leak repair services are typically needed by properties that are vulnerable to water damage during periods of major storms or heavy rainfall. The goal of leak repair is to stop current and prevent future leaks, repair damaged structural components, address foundation issues, and improving the overall drainage system. This way, excess and unwanted water can be funneled down and away from the building.


Our Waterproofing Services

  • Foundation Crack Injection

  • Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

  • Exterior French Drains & Grading

  • Interior Drain Systems

  • Replace Compromised Siding and Flashing (includes chimney, deck, doors, windows, awnings, and exterior walls)

Why Do You Need Waterproofing?

Waterproofing prevents water leakage problems such as rainwater intrusion. Without proper waterproofing systems in place, moisture can be trapped and in turn cause microorganisms to grow. This would then trigger serious health implications such as asthma attacks, allergy reactions, infections, and irritations. Stagnant water caused by trapped moisture may increase in volume over time. This could become a breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes or release a bad odor around the house.

A powerful spring storm can cause inches or feet of rainwater to accumulate and overwhelm your home's downspouts and/or gutters. This may saturate the soil that surround your foundation. If you have not waterproofed your home or repair leaks, hard-driving rainwater can seep through attic vents, doors, and windows. Simply put, potential rainwater intrusion can become a huge and expensive problem if you avoid remedying right away.

Areas Commonly Affected by Leaks and Rainwater Intrusion

  • Roofs

  • Concrete Walls

  • Chimneys

  • Basements

  • Exterior Walls

  • Windows

  • Ceilings

  • Garage Walls

  • Foundation Walls

  • Siding

Why Use Waterproofing Services from Provision Construction?

Provision Construction understands the need to waterproof your home, and quickly,  before it causes severe damage. It is important for you to allow our team of professionals to detect problems as early as possible before things get out of hand.

We utilize state of the art equipment and employ effective methods when it comes to waterproofing. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our waterproofing contractors have years of experience and have completed intensive training. We are well-equipped with the most efficient waterproofing methodologies needed to handle any project being assigned to us. We can repair ceiling and floor leaks and address other issues via proper waterproofing techniques.

Provision Construction understands the need to repair leaks and to do it fast before it causes even greater damage to its surroundings. Our team is also fully equipped with the necessary tools and hardware needed to handle any project, such as tackling leak detection within your residential or commercial property to mainline leak detection and repairs. Contact us today to find out more!



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