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What To Look For In A Water Damage Restoration Company

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Whether it was from a leaking pipe, mold growth, or flooding, choosing a trustworthy water damage restoration company can a key factor in drastically reducing the damages to your beautiful home. If this is new to you, here are some tips that can help you decide what kind of service provider to go for.

How Quick Is Their Response Time?

Addressing water damage is a time-sensitive matter that only worsens the longer it is dragged out. It is extremely important that your service provider can respond and arrive quickly when you reach out to them. Find out if the company is available 24/7 and how quickly they can start the restoration process.

How Experienced and Well-Trained Are They?

Ensure that your service provider is properly licensed and insured, and that the team is trained and experienced to be able to handle the problem efficiently and effectively. Find out how long they have been in business, the kind of training and experience they have and if they have any certifications recognized in their field of expertise.

Has Anyone Employed Their Services Around You?

Local references are a great way to find out if the company you are looking at is reliable. Consider looking for a restoration company near you that come highly recommended by local customers (i.e. your friends or neighbours) and find out where the company is located at. Often, companies that are owned and operated locally rely on word of mouth, building up their reputation and business, by providing good services.

How Well-Planned Are the Damage Repair Services?

A reliable and experienced company would be able to provide you with a clear restoration and prevention plan. They should be able to properly assess the extent of your home’s damages, what sort of repairs which will need to be made, and a good estimate on the cost involved to equip you with the information required to proceed. They should also be able to provide you with a plan on preventive actions for future potential problems such as mold growth due to the water damages.

Can They Provide You with Advice on Insurance Claims?

Insurance claims can be quite frustrating, but an experienced water damage restoration company should be experienced enough to help you provide your insurance company with the required documents to file your claims in a timely manner.

What Sort of Equipment and Techniques Do They Employ?

Run a quick check by the company to understand if they are using the latest techniques and equipment to perform water extraction, dryout, and dehumidification processes for your home. When done well, again, these would help prevent future mold growth and ensure that your personal items and furniture are restored to their former quality.

Do They Treat You and Your Home Respectfully?

It can be stressful and frustrating to find your home in a state of disarray from water damages but look out for a service provider who is able to empathize and provide you with the care, concern, and advice you need to restore your home.

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