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What You Need To Know About Water Extraction

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If you have recently experienced a flood or if your home has been found with excess water which you can’t quite figure out it is coming from, it is recommended to locate the source of the problem implement water extraction immediately to prevent extensive damage to your home. This is a time-sensitive process which should be completed efficiently and by a professional.

What Happens If I Do Not Remove the Water Fast Enough?

If left too long, the floodwater could damage not just your flooring, you may find yourself having to deal with some of the problems below:

  • Replacement of Damaged flooring

  • Repairs to damaged house foundation if water seeps through the grounds. If left alone, this could make the property structurally unsound, which may lead to even higher repair expenses.

  • Dealing with Mold Removal as mold growth could lead to the risk of health issues and even cause extreme allergic reactions in some people. This is also a common cause of asthma attacks and infections.

  • Lastly, although not life-threatening, water damage history would also cause a decrease in your home value as there may still be lingering effects if the matter is not taken care of immediately.

Can I Perform Water Extraction Myself?

Technically, you could extract water yourself by using buckets, a wet-dry vacuum, or using even using old towels on small, affected areas and giving the affected area ample ventilation. However, this would only be a temporary solution until you are able to get a professional water extraction and dry out service company to visit your house as they have the necessary equipment and tools required or you may not be able to effectively restore the condition of your home and prevent mold from growing.

While you may save money in the initial phase, secondary issues may arise which could be more costly and hazardous to your health.

How Does Water Extraction Work?

Step 1: Identifying and locating the source of the problem to stop the excess water

Step 2: Use of thermal imaging and moisture meters to check the extent of damage

Step 3: Taking note of safety hazards – keeping an eye out for electricity and sockets are an important part of water extraction planning

Step 4: Extracting the water and drying off the area – high-end vacuums and/or pumps are used to remove excess water seeping through the flooring

Step 5: Disinfection and Sanitization – use of commercial-grade cleaning solutions will help to prevent harmful bacterial buildup and eliminate bad odor from molds and mildew

Step 6: Dehumidification – helps dry air to circulate and dry out any other moisture left

How Much Does This Cost?

The price varies depending on the services required and the professional you engage as this is a technical process that requires different tools, equipment, and methods to ensure that the water damage to your house is minimized in a timely and efficient manner.

If you find yourself in need of professional water extraction services, reach out to us at Provision in Georgia at 678-383-0889 for a consultation today!

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